Stanford Medicine: As a part of a refresh for Stanford Medicine's brand, a new set of illustrations were created. The characters that represent the system are diverse while also customizable. Body size, skin, hair, clothing, colors and even facial expressions can interchange, creating endless possibilities.
Alton Brown's: Gear for Your Kitchen + User Manual: A series of illustrated books for Food Network’s Alton Brown. Printed materials include the Kitchen Users Manual, Gear for Your Kitchen, Here for More Food, Good Eats: The Early Years, and Good Eats: The Middle Years.
The Crooked Storybook Movie: Series of illustrations for the movie premier of The Crooked Storybook, an adaption on classic fairy tales with a twist. Items include movie posters, screen titles and DVD.
Packaging cover design for After school Programs 

Promotional items for City of Denver

Douglas County: Support Illustrations for Douglas County Construction Projects

Collage illustrations for Triathlon series

Children's storybook illustrations

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